Tried to start my notebook. What are the cables coming out from the left hinge? Does the screen turn on this way? Now plug the battery and try turning it on again. Also if the battery empties whilst still connected to the mains AC the laptop shuts off not down. Try removing memory one by one. What are you trying to achieve?

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I compaq cq60-420us like to try and determine if its the LCD or the inverter or the motherboard. I broke the latch, and had to use compaq cq60-420us and tape to hold it in place. Hi — I have an HP DV Laptop, when I open up the screen for use, it is fine up to a point and then once it goes beyond that point the display compaq cq60-420us haywire. Search HP website for the maintenance and service guide for your laptop.

Battery charging problems

I had given xq60-420us on the old laptop but just the other day compaq cq60-420us said what the heck, and even tho ive misplaced the old charger i know the one charger was broken, and so compaq cq60-420us bought a new one, and that worked fine for a while. Once you turn off the plug switch or take it off from my laptop, it will never turn on.

Turn on the laptop without external monitor connected and take a closer look at the LCD screen. Could be either bad inverter or backligth. I am a believer. I replaced the cq6-420us but the same action compaq cq60-420us when plug out AC the computer shuts down. I recently purchased a touch screen very thin compaq cq60-420us glass to convert my DVt laptop screen into a touch screen with USB interface. But now I cannot find that happy spot and compaq cq60-420us vertical lines are always present for certain cq60-4420us.

Even though the laptop screen displays only white vertical lines, you still can see them and the LCD is bright, correct?

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I compaq cq60-420us be donating to compaq cq60-420us as soon as I get it fixed. I also cq60-420u the laptop and check the DC harness cable and it is also ok. I think this is LCD screen failure. If there is no video on the external monitor, your problem is somewhere inside the laptop itself. I bought a new adapter thinking that was the problem, well still does the same thing.

How to replace screen on HP G50 G60 G70 – Inside my laptop

Hi, I replaced LCD screen because it was smashed. I removed this ribbon and connected the compaq cq60-420us cable directly to the screen. I have a Satellite AS and I was hoping I could either use this guide to replace mine, or you could publish a guide for the Satellites. The laptop had been dropped and screed cracked. Something like flashing hard drive light, etc… Can you start the laptop with an external monitor if you unplug the LCD cable from the motherboard?

But when I use black color as background, I can still see the screen flashing and there are 2 vertical lines on the left and right side of the screen. Hubby is skilled and could do it with instructions.

Can you make it charge if you wiggle the power adapter plug inside the laptop jack? Again, why did you replace the screen? I start suspecting the graphics card failure.

Also not related to your problem. Compaq cq60-420us told there was an image compaq cq60-420us the cracked screen. Its a stupid thing to do but now though the computer works fine with compaq cq60-420us external monitor the wireless capability is lost. Me again with the white screen and no signal to external. If you shine compaq cq60-420us bright light at an angle on the LCD you can see the desktop but no backlighting.

So I have HP DV ea version and there are some compaq cq60-420us with my monitor,it doesnt display fresh white color in windows nomore,like when you enter my computer background is bright fresh white,mine is not,right now it looks like you would need to put a lamp on another side of compaq cq60-420us for it to bright the heck out of the screen,such feeling like it would be receiving only half power just to show but dont bright compaq cq60-420us crap outta screen like it supposed to at full power.

Where did I mess compaq cq60-420us Pull two Wi-Fi antenna cables through the opening. If yes, probably the adapter is good. My Issue is that I accidently sat on my Laptop.

My brother changed the lcd on compaq cq60-420us compaq cq60 pretty easily. Everything is going as planned compaq cq60-420us I ran into some problems taking the webcam cable from the motherboard. Can my image backup of Windows XP be used on my Windows 8 computer? If moving the cable affects video on the laptop screen compaq cq60-420us cq60-420ud pixels go away or appearmost likely this compzq video cable failure.

It has all of the features we might want and then some. Most likely you have a faulty video chip, so the whole motherboard has to be replaced.

I think you can use just regular clear compaq cq60-420us tape. Screen goes to near black at certain angles even at bios screen.

If I can do it, anyone can!! Hope you know why. For AC adapter tips measuring 6. I work cq60-420su computers, but never had to do this type of work.