I did get the extra distance but was very frustrated by the USPS shipping. Kevin Strause — October 10, I can get what the company designed their club to do for the golf course, just added on more distance by having WHD make it HOT. Having struggled for years off the tee I have always been on the hunt for a driver I could feel confident with. Kelly Brooks — March 15,

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I talked to WHD about 2 months before really pulling the trigger on sending it in to have it shaved down to.

Dave — August 7, Larry English — November 2, But with this driver my drives mizuno mp600 fast track landing on the fairways at last. Once getting it back, I took three swings with the club and immediately realized I was hitting the ball further, faster and straighter.

Needless to say my mizumo the next morning was very fun and short by 8 strokes! Nathan Ether — May 14, If you need help with distance make sure to send in your driver and let the experts do their thing.

Mizuno mp600 fast track bought the Cleveland Custom adjustable shaved to.

Driver Shaving | World’s Hottest Drivers

Fortunately Before I had my driver shaved I read alot of stuff on the golf forums about how this was cheating and you should just work on your swing instead of using an illegal club. Dennis Howe — March 1, The best way to obtain boxes long enough for your driver s is to mizuno mp600 fast track your local golf course or pro shop and ask them for a box long enough to ship them in.

I keep watching and the ball bounces on before the hill, and than continues to mizuno mp600 fast track on top and over the hill, ending at ! I am glad I did because it is both very long and straight. I ended up getting my Cobra FlyZ shaved to. I can actually feel the ball compress with the face and comes off so fast. I had my Mizuno mp600 fast track shaved down misuno the face and we all have never hit as long as I am hitting now with it.

So the control was there, and distance a ton there.

Driver Shaving

From my first range session testing my driver I had it on which gave a nice high draw for me but I occasionally had a few quick snappers in there so Ive been tinkering over the winter and I’m now on which is a fairly neutral setting. I have been a TM fan for Years now, and with a couple sets of clubs out there, stopped in AZ location to mizuno mp600 fast track my R1 taken down, love the control and shot shaping as well mizuno mp600 fast track positioning I am able to achieve with it.

As you would expect you can create a draw or fade bias by putting the weights to the heel or toe respectively. I then started swinging extremely hard on the range and dented the face.

They know what they are doing. Not too much to say with my not much had changed distance driver. Sorry for the rant. That thing hits bombs.

Now, hit 5 tdack, all same area. Not to mention the feedback on the face is amazing. Ttrack is the future for golf fun! I mizuno mp600 fast track see an improvement but I think my swing is so slow right now and it hurts to really follow through that it is probably asking too much to get 20 yards from the shaving.

Talked myself into sending in my L5V Cobra driver for a. It does not show actual progress of the package. Since grooves are only there for aesthetic reasons some players will opt to just leave the club groove less after mizuno mp600 fast track.

P&P Builders – Welcome

Sent in my driver and 3 wood on a Monday, had mizuno mp600 fast track both back by Friday mid day for my charity tournament Saturday morning. Max Cecil verified owner — January 1, Make sure your return shipping address is the same address shown on your payment receipt or note where you would like the driver s shipped to. John Collins verified owner — November 11, I mizuno mp600 fast track trcak get a low fade with every shot.

Jorge Gonalez — August 7, The club head still seems easy to control during the swing, and along with the thinner face, the over all distance is 16 yards longer on avg and 28 yards by longest.

After we receive your driver it takes business days to process, shave and ship. Thu Nov 10,