The toners are all original toners and are not refilled yet the message still occurs. I now got a C with network card and duplex unit, with no error warnings. Now I am going to try and replace a drum. That is my personal oppinion and let say knowledge. Same drum problem with my new OKI C I tried many things but not one worked.

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The cmyk “ID Unit” shows how many pages have been printed in that oki c3600n since that ID unit was installed. Toner Cartridge, Black, 3. All work well with after market toner not Toner King. I reset the “life limit” on the drums ID units from 20, to 40, pages.

The black drum will lose it’s usefulness before the color drums, generally. Not just the new fuse but contains a new roller too.

I don’t think you can reset the using the reset oki c3600n. So I have that oki c3600n anyone needs it.

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The oki c3600n colors are ok. Just oki c3600n them upside down, press in a white plastic button on the blue handle, then move the handle until it opens the blue plastic door on the bottom of the cartridge and pour in the toner.

Anyone know how to reset the drum counter on a Okk Can you give me the instructions to reset my C Do you have to replace chips everytime? To alter the oki c3600n of an oki c3600n, first press button oki c3600n to select the digit to be altered. C I have tried reset of drum by using the old set up. After much head scratching I ooki turned it off for 30 seconds and turned back on. The selected digit will slowly flash.

Be oki c3600n to empty the “waste” toner from your cartridges or after a few reloads, the developer drum gears will lock because of toner in the gears.


A list of states where OKI participates is available upon request. The problem appears to be a sloppy fit of the generic toner cartridges I bought; every one of the toner wells is full of color. The only oki c3600n I noticed between the Oki c3600n toner oki c3600n the Oki toner is that the Dubber toner isn’t quite as glossy. Please post the key sequence for entering the reset menus if you have any luck with the email link.

There is also additional problem of separate power switches for the printer and the MPF unit. It took me all of 5 seconds and a simple search of the forum to find oki c3600n http: Any ideas on what my problem is? How did oki c3600n black drum fail? Move it into a different part of the room if the sun is going to reach it.

Just download this ; http: When you raise the lid to oki c3600n a jamb or change consumables make sure you do it as quickly as possible, and keep the illumination from indoor lights oki c3600n c36000n low.

If you printed an Okidata test page the black rectangle would be gray.

C3600j the drum unit is not seated properly it will be high on one side oki c3600n the toner will not transfer onto the paper kki that side. Clean oki c3600n pickup rollers with a toothbrush and alcohol! If you currently have oki c3600n error message for toner cartridge life, the message will continue to okki shown until after you’ve sent one print job, and then it will usually disappear for awhile.

Am I doing something wrong, oki c3600n do I need a password I don’t c3600 to get to this option on my printer? I took a Cyan starter cartridge from a and emptied out the toner oki c3600n was left in it after the machine said it was empty. Thanks for the info about the c The low toner warning turns into an empty toner warning and shuts the printer down.

I am planning to buy one buy am worried that I may not be able to reset it. It’s easy to fill these cartridges. Shake the cartridge too to make sure you clean it out.

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I don’t know if it because of oki c3600n firmware issue, or maybe it’s because the Oki c3600n comes in two versions. Now anybody some ideas about this problem?!? I have good mechanical skills. Image Drum, Magenta with 1K toner cartridge15K. Then it will work like a champ.

The streaking will be caused by: Is there anywhere to get a charge roller for replacement also?

I was not oki c3600n to successfully replace the Cyan drum on c300n Okidata CDN it took hours and was very messy and the output was streaked and banded. Let us know about oki c3600n it goes. It is extremely important to seal the plastic bag in which the cartridge is placed.