This all used to be the preserve of deluxe monitors, but you can do all this with every half-decent screen these days. Many cheap 17s are really running out of resolution above by ; the DF isn’t. There’s a trace of blotchiness in the DF’s screen, too. Subtracting the hyperbole from Samsung’s ultimate-flatness claim, though, they’re basically right. The thing can do by at 73Hz, but with an aperture grille CRT with a 0. It is, rather, curved just enough that when you’re sitting in front of the monitor, the display itself looks near-as-dammit to dead flat.

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Samsung describe the “DynaFlat” tube in the DF as being “infinitely flat”, which is a claim I’d like to see samsung syncmaster 753df up by electromicrographs of the, presumably, indivisible subatomic infinite-frequency wavefront of which the tube must be made.

Samsung SyncMaster DF Specs – CNET

Click here to review our site terms of use. They don’t need samsung syncmaster 753df be built very solidly just to stop atmospheric pressure from crushing them outright, but if you want to make sure they won’t implode spectacularly when they’re scratched and then dropped, you have to engineer in a big safety margin.

Samsung’s SyncMaster Samsung syncmaster 753df has an excellent, flat-screen tube, impressive specs, and a very reasonable price.

Reflections from the surface of the screen are as mirror-sharp as you’d expect, but the anti-reflective coating on the glass is unusually effective, and makes the reflection dim, and purple. Limitations All this isn’t to say that this is the oh-my-goodness, gee-whiz, Best Monitor Ever.

Then there’s another reflection, presumably from the phosphor layer on the other side of the glass. Though, again, there’s really not a huge amount of difference between a truly flat samsung syncmaster 753df and a slightly curved one. Thank You for Submitting a Reply,! This dot has syncmsater same position in the dot triad it belongs to as the dot you started on occupies in samsungg.

Samsung syncmaster 753df flatter you make the front face of the monitor, the less like an optimal pressure-resisting sphere it’ll be.

Some people get really excited about “the flat thing”. Here, though, is a pretty cheap screen that puts the cat among the pigeons. This is a standard monitor manufacturer’s trick. If you’re an amoeba sitting in the middle of a red phosphor dot on this screen, and you squidge your way 0.

The front glass has no curve vertically, and no samsung syncmaster 753df horizontally. And by shouldn’t look too bad, either. It’s good for only by samsung syncmaster 753df, maximum.

Once reported, our staff will be notified and the comment will be reviewed. Sexually explicit or offensive language. Half of the triads samsung syncmaster 753df up, and the other half point down.

If you drop to by753dr DF can do 75Hz. Which is just as well, since just because you’re compelled to do something doesn’t necessarily mean you actually can. Monitor glass is “leaded” – lead oxide’s added to the molten glass in place of the calcium oxide used in ordinary soda-lime glass. You eyncmaster put the edge of a ruler on the surface of the screen in any orientation you like, and there won’t be air under it anywhere. Going by that rule, by on the DF ought samsung syncmaster 753df look great.

samsung syncmaster 753df

Basically, this means CRTs are made of a kind of low-grade lead crystal. Syncjaster package supports the syncmastrr driver models: You’ll have travelled 0. Lots of 17 inch monitors can display ridiculous resolutions. Getting to the more abstruse adjustments requires a bit more button-pressing than I’d like, but that’s not a big deal.

But I’ll never get Leonard Samsung syncmaster 753df to do the speaking-book samsung syncmaster 753df of my reviews if I stick to the facts. The DF doesn’t have a serious size-stability problem. It’s most obvious when samsung syncmaster 753df scrolling text on a white background, and the text moves but the slight unevennesses in the background don’t.

Because a rectangular pixel grid doesn’t map cleanly onto a tessellated-triangles dot triad pattern, you need about 1. Even then, different people have different preferences. Mind you, these people also have to crank up their system font sizes so they can read samsung syncmaster 753df names of icons. Most affordable monitors have relatively simple surface treatments, which just try to cut down glare without eating too many 753f the photons trying to symcmaster out.

Samsung SyncMaster 753DF

Resolution Lots of 17 inch monitors can display ridiculous resolutions. Oh, and the Sony and NEC both weigh 20 kilos. That 19 pixel high pointer covers about 42 rows of phosphor dots at samsung syncmaster 753df resolution, which means 21 triad-rows per 19 pixels.