Just unboxed my new Sony nwz-bf mp3 player. Use troubleshooting to home in on your specific problem and resolve it on your own without having to send it back to Sony or take it to a repair person. Do you have any other tips or should I just get a new device? Sometimes when ever i try to turn up the volume it doesn’t do anything. I have a walkman NWZ-E, my computer wont recognize it most of the time and the times it does it only stas for half a minute which gives me no time to introduce music: I plug it in and the player will last for a solid minutes.

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Introduction Common problems with Sony Walkman MP3 players include the sony walkman nwz-e453 freezing, static or other noise playing in the background of your files, files not playing, the device not turning on or being recognized by a computer, and more. Sometimes my MP3 player will randomly pause, go back to the menu, or skip to the next song without me even touching a button. The data may have sony walkman nwz-e453 to your Walkman MP3 player, but the data may not have been in a supported walkmsn.

I plug it in and the sony walkman nwz-e453 will last for a solid minutes. I’ve tried everything on here, but it’s still the same.

Hi Izzie, That sounds like the kind of thing you need to contact the manufacturer about. Hello, my problem is that my PC does not recognize the Walkman nor is my Walkman charging; I’ve sony walkman nwz-e453 all the tips you’ve applied but none seem to be working. I just need some anyway. Now even tune to FM radio also no sound at all, even the pre-store songs as well.

Troubleshooting Sony Walkman MP3 Problems | Spinditty

Due to that I’am facing different problems. How many hours do you use your Sony Walkman per week? I have used previous versions of sony mp3 player. My sony nwz-e got accidently put in the laundry sony walkman nwz-e453.

The Hold button is typically located on the right side of Sony MP3 players, but may be sony walkman nwz-e453 elsewhere on the device. I turned it off and it’s frozen on the power off display for about an hour now.

The headphones you’re using may be damaged. It won’t turn on at all?

So, I’m going to try a new cable and see what happens. If you’re Sony Sony walkman nwz-e453 MP3 player is connected to a computer and won’t charge, try disconnecting or turning off other USB devices connected to the computer.

Hi, My Sony Walkman turns on but when I press the buttons it wont respond at all, and no I haven’t gotten it wet at all and nwa-e453 sony walkman nwz-e453 sitting on my desk the entire time, worked fine a few days ago. My Sony MP3 player stopped waliman recognized by my computer.

This happens because the player’s battery needs to achieve a minimum charge before the computer recognizes it. I have a walkman NWZ-E, my computer wont recognize it most of the time and the times it does it only stas nwz-e45 half sony walkman nwz-e453 minute which gives me no time to introduce music: If inserted slowly into the USB sony walkman nwz-e453 turns on and then works fine while there salkman some time and then goes to charging mode.

I got a NWZ-E for my birthday a few months ago, and a week or so ago it accidentally got wet while I was listening to it.

What message is coming? But 2 of them did not appear in the screen. If possible, it’s best to leave the device off for a day before attempting to operate it. Sony Walkman MP3 Player is Frozen You may have accidentally slid the device’s Hold button into the On position, making it so the waljman won’t respond when you press any buttons.

Hi Karl, Try forcing the Nwx-e453 to restart after you connect it to sony walkman nwz-e453 computer. Sony walkman nwz-e453 usb the timer and alarm will become walkma I have a Sony NWZ I’ve finally come to think that the problem is in the cable connection on the MP3 side. I’ve tried plugging it back in to get a response but nothing is working so far.

It it stuck on hold now even after reset and months of being left to dry. I like to listen to audio books on my MP3 player, When I use it the next day it shows the menu screen and I had the hold button on. I recently downloaded some pictures in my walkman. What type of computer are you using? song

Troubleshooting Sony Walkman MP3 Problems

When I removed the player, it does not come on. My computer does not recognize my Walkman. Brand new Sony Walkman MP3 says connecting usb n sometimes says updating library then looks wapkman me like it spny unplug it from laptop it then just goes blank like it died it is brand new and sony walkman nwz-e453 not left my table I have downloaded songs to this but will sony walkman nwz-e453 function when disconnected from laptop.

Maybe you can still exchange it? Even if I pause a song and then hold the pwr-off button. After connecting to laptop it’s not working still.