June 10, 2018

But upon checking the data burned, they were all there. Bill does have a tendency to whine though… Anyway, he did bring over the defective Sony HDPS-M1 , which we ended up destroying in the process of removing the drive. So i figured the HDD is fine as is the cable. Think I have sorted out the IDE drive, had cable in upside down. Tell us what you think of this product.

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I will just have to tinker with it more. I just bought one of the adapters but Windows will only recognize my external drive A Maxtor DX as 4 removable drives. The said drive showed usb ide adapter windows boot failure, files were missing or corrupt. After a successful boot I use Windows Vista I tried connecting the notebook usb ide adapter again and I received a message saying that the driver for my new hardware failed to install.


So i figured usb ide adapter HDD is fine as is the cable. If problems, will let you usb ide adapter If you look at 3. The usb ide adapter is bought Replaced the failing drive with the clone. If anyone could help me with this. Not sure how this cable is any better than a 2. Connect latching SATA drives while helping to ensure optimal airflow throughout a desktop or server case.

Do you mean that it disappears from the list of mounted drives in the My Computer listing? The products seem identical. Wait for 10 to 15 seconds before plugging adaptrr USB. How can I see if it has been partitioned?

IDE to USB: Drive Cables & Adapters | eBay

Is it just an external holder with special adapte Would it need drivers? It was easy to find this StarTech. Does the Usb ide adapter on the power brick light up when you plug it in? At least temporarily to download the data. I have you tried to connect the drive and USB cable combo to another computer?

Do any of you folks have an idea how large a drive this supports? I tested the drive on usb ide adapter computer and the same thing happened. Hi Julie, I stumbled into your review while googling for any info on the said cable. Copy Link Was this information helpful?

This is old car navigation system which reads maps from CD drive.

For usb ide adapter of you that might recall the first review, this is a cable that allows you to connect an IDE device to your computer via a USB port. There is a notch in the middle of plastic surrounding the pins.

USB 2.0 to IDE Cable Version 2

My computer is a notebook dell inspiron Here you see the connector plugged into one of the drives, and the included power adapter plugged into the power port on the same drive. This new version has a double sided usb ide adapter.

So the adapter is working like a usb 1. Or are they Serial ATA?

Write a review Need a little help getting started? Would this work with an external DVD writer trying to connect to a Mac? Do i need a y-shaped usb cable?