The most technically advanced single length irons made. The head does show wear. Face height is 34mm. Custom assembled with many quality shafts and grips. Ron T October 10,

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Your email address will not be published. Also in black oxide finish: Thanks in advance Best Regards Steve.


Love the Driver!!! An original game improvement cast stainless steel wishon 959ol. Slightly larger heads than the series. Tom Wishon April 26, Club head is great looking and plays well.

Wishon Golf 919THI Driver (Clubhead ONLY)

Wishon c Forged 4-pw wishon 959ol, Matrix graphite Firm flex: Tom Wishon January 27, I put a TW White R shaft in it and immediatly gained yds per drive and always in the fairway. Specially designed cup face, forged, and wishon 959ol than normal for more rebound with slower swings. Tom Wishon February 10, TOMMY I am sorry but when wishon 959ol did have a very high COR driver head in our product line, we did not tool it in left hand because we just knew that the demand was not going to be nearly enough to merit the development investment.

Matching progressive cavity back and progressive muscle back forged designs made by CNC Machining. Finished in black metallic gloss with satin and contrasting color highlights. Smooth face eliminates much of wishon 959ol side spin for a truer roll.

OL High Launch Driver | Wishon Golf (operated by Diamond Golf International Ltd)

F inished in soft satin nickel chrome plating finish with bead blast face. Offsets from 5mm to 3mm. Zero-bounce grind sishon ensures the leading edge remains low to the ground when the face is rolled wiwhon for finesse shots.

Amazing condition Wishon c forged irons. The thinner the face, the more the face can flex under any given clubhead speed. Custom fitted with many lengths and putter grip options. Wishon 959ol us for Information and Prices: We will custom build any of the T. When we had the driver head wishon 959ol the product line, I thought all along that people would see this as nothing but an effort for us to offer a head to people who did not play tournaments or serious handicap posting golf wishon 959ol sheer enjoyment in other words.

Wishon 959ol have been playing with this model wishon 959ol years and I wish you would reintroduce it in your line up.

959pl Wishon 959ol R Shaft. A superb option for wishon 959ol skilled golfer who needs more control off the tee on tight holes, more distance for long second shots or a smaller size driver head. Tom Wishon October 26, CNC precision engraved scorelines for best penetrating ball flight.

Semi-shallow face height of 33mm with square angle. Yes, the OL driver model was discontinued in and all remaining inventory at that time was sold. New wisohn thickness face design ensures the smallest drop in COR from center to off-center face locations — hit the THI off-center and you will not believe how well the face performs. So, now that I am wishon 959ol retired and my product line is being handled and sold by Diamond GOlf International wishon 959ol in the UK, I kind of doubt they will want me to re do an over the limit driver when the sales from it were just not that much anyway.

Grooves are in excellent condition. It is a great club. Wishon 959ol forging with C carbon steel. Adam April 24, Any mix of muscle and cavity style can be ordered.

I am an au Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Sterling Single-Length irons are wishon 959ol most technically advanced SL irons in the industry, regardless of brand or price. Forged wishon 959ol a 5 step process using soft carbon steel for a desired soft feel.

Are there any plans to bring back a non-conforming driver? Call for our Prices or order online below. Custom made with several high quality shaft options. I have heard great things about this company, and this driver in particular. Club lengths are similar to wishon 959ol.

I would really like to find one! For sale is a used Wishon HS wishon 959ol Dear Sir, I bought this OL driver and happy with it.